Image Spring Advertising 

Environment Friendly Advertising

Our Commitment to the Environment
ISA's commitment to the environment lies in our value of “Community Involvement”.  We understand that we are part of a global community that reaches far beyond the neighborhood in which we operate.  Therefore, we are committed to protecting our world’s natural resources by using them wisely and disposing of our waste responsibly.

The following demonstrate our commitment to sustaining the global community we call Earth.

Earth Friendly Materials and Suppliers
We are FSC® Certified and we purchase paper from mills that are FSC Certified, SFI or PEFC certified.  Our major supplier of hi-bulk paper, is energy independent and the greenest mill in North America.

Our inks contain renewable resources such as soybean, linseed and vegetable oils as well as rosin-based resin. While the use of petroleum-based products in ink is still necessary in the heatset printing process, our vendor has several active projects to decrease this dependency and incorporate more renewable or recyclable materials.

Our UV Presses use inks and coatings that are entirely free of VOCs.

We consolidate mail to postal destinations and use freight consolidators, reducing the resources needed to transport and distribute the products we mail and produce.

Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Our Waste
In a manufacturing environment waste is inevitable.  However, we do our best to reduce waste whenever possible and reuse and recycle what we can.

We are always seeking ways to operate more efficiently in order to reduce our use of non-renewable energy and waste. 

Our pressroom reuses shop rags by utilizing a centrifuge to remove inks and solvents then sends them offsite to be properly cleaned.  The centrifuge waste is then sent to an environmental service company that utilizes a waste-to-energy conversion process that preserves natural energy resources while effectively treating waste.

ISA's mail center and shipping department reuses pallets as well as postal sacks, sleeves and trays used in the distribution of direct mail.

Paper trim from our presses, cutters and folders is collected with a central vacuum system, baled and sent for recycling.  We also recycle all other paper waste, cardboard, used oil and the aluminum plates used on all of our presses.